Herald Gutierrez

Full-Stack Developer



Herald + Joanne's Wedding

Status: In Progress

After being engaged I wanted a way to share our Wedding and Wedding Social information with everyone. With our guest enjoying and taking photos during the events, I am able to share the photos tagged with #HJSayIDo on Instagram.

Caked With Love Co.

Status: Production

Caked With Love Co. is a cafe and bakery located on Corydon Ave, owned by Marvic and Eileen. Without any background in business, these two friends, with the help of their friends and family, took a leap of faith and created their successful business together.

When creating this project I thought of allowing the owner modifying certain content on the websites, a custom cms system. As they owner they can:

  • Modify the store hours
  • Provide updated/important hours or events that occur within the store
  • Modify the gallery description and add images (via Google Drive)
  • Update FAQs

Alvin.Al Productions

Status: Proof of Concept - Cancelled

Alvin and Al are videographers from Winnipeg, MB. They specialize as wedding videographers providing a full length video and a same day edit video of the wedding.

This was a cancelled proof of concept since they decided to retire from videography and move onto another career path before the website could be finalized.